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The Micro Enterprise Project

Starting Out

  • Les Pecheurs Madagascar is a registered Not For Profit organisation in Madagascar.                      The objective of the Les Pecheurs Madagascar Micro Enterprise Project in Madagascar is to assist selected candidates to either establish a new business or to develop their existing business.

  • We carefully select a group of approximately 25 people for each Intake. Their training is conducted at our Les Pecheurs Madagascar Training Centre in Antananarivo (the Capital City of Madagascar) for 6 months, one day a week. Each candidate must attend each training session and no substitute candidates are permitted.  

  • Our Training Program aims to inculcate a business and entrepreneurial culture and the associated knowledge and skills into the hearts and minds of the candidates. We also encourage them to pass their experience, knowledge and skills on to others within their families and communities. ​

During the Course

  • At the end of each training day, candidates are given "assignments" which they are to complete before the next training session. These are based on the application of the theory which they have been taught during the training session that day (The Applied Learning Principle).

  • During the course of their 6-month training program, each candidate is required to prepare a Business Plan related to their business. This Business Plan covers the vision and the objectives of their business, the details of the product or the service that they wish to provide, the details of the market that they plan to target and a competitor analysis. It also includes Profit and Loss, Capital Expenditure, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow budgets for a 5-year period. 

  • Each candidate's Business Plan is carefully reviewed by the staff and Directors of LPM and the ability and commitment of the candidate to operate their business successfully and see their Business Plan through to its conclusion, is also assessed before a decision is made to offer funding to each candidate by LPM.


  • At the end of each Training Course, there is an official Graduation Ceremony for the candidates who have successfully completed the program. Following the Graduation Ceremony, a private meeting is held by the senior staff of LPM with each candidate and funds are distributed to those who have previously had their Business Plans approved for funding. 

  • The loan that is provided to each candidate is interest free and they are required to repay it in equal instalments each quarter for three years.

  • In the 5 years this program has been operating, the repayment performance has been 99%. 

       The loans which are given to the candidates come from the Founders and people outside of              Madagascar who wish to sponsor the work of LPM and they do this by sponsoring one or more        loans to these candidates.

  • If a candidate requires more funding at the end of their loan period, they can re-apply for another loan and the funds they have previously repaid will be re-allocated to them.

       If they do not require any additional loan then the funds that they have repaid are issued as              loans to new candidates. 

Follow up & Outcome

  • Every 3 months, LPM’s staff visits each candidate, on site, to monitor the performance of their business against their Business Plan and the staff assist by providing advice and support to the candidate as necessary. This has proven to be a vital and essential part of our Business Model.

  • Every candidate expresses their gratitude for the training, funding and assistance they have been given and the results achieved for the candidates and LPM have been amazing.

Les Pecheurs Graduation Ceremony
Les Pecheurs Traning Session
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