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About Us


Les Pecheurs Internationale is a “Not for Profit” organisation which has the sole objective of giving needy people a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”.

Our initial project has been established in Madagascar, one of the poorest nations on the earth but where the people are hard working, decent, and innately smart, yet surrounded by poverty. We have learned from experience that if given an opportunity and the resources they need, they will respond magnificently and repay the faith and trust that we place in them.

All of the funds donated to Les Pecheurs (100%) go to the benefit of the people or project for which the donor intended.

All administration costs of Les Pecheurs Internationale and Les Pecheurs Madagascar are paid for by the founders, Anne and Kevin Fuller.

Why Choose Madagascar?



Les Pecheurs Madagascar

On the one hand, the country is very poor, yet on the other hand the people are inherently intelligent, hard working and in the opinion of the founders of Les Pecheurs, they have the potential to achieve much more if given the opportunity to do so.


Madagascar is an island nation, internationally recognised for its unique flora and fauna. Because of its serious economic situation these unique national assets are being depleted, and in many instances, completely lost.


In short, the nation of Madagascar, and its people especially, need help from people like us and nations like ours.


The formation of Les Pecheurs is a small step to show the people of Madagascar that we care.

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