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Andriampamaky Village Development Projects

Andriampalmaky is a small Village of 5,000 people which is situated about 45 km from Antananarivo, the Capital of Madagascar. We have selected this Village in order to develop it to be a Model Village for Madagascar. A Model that can be used by the Government to redevelop their nation and in so doing, resolve the high rate of poverty and desperation in the country.

The following are the Development Projects, being undertaken or completed by LPM.


  • Medical Centre Project


A fully equipped Hospital, called the "Costa Medical Centre - CARMMA" (Centre for the Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa) has been built and has been operational for more than 2 years. Due to the quality of service and the quality of the facility, the First Lady of Madagascar (the President’s wife) quotes our Costa Medical Centre as being the National Reference Centre for the CARMMA Centres across the country. 

Le Pecheurs Medica Centre Project
  • Health Education and Careers Guidance Project


The staff of LPM is providing free Health Education and Careers Guidance Programs to the schools of the Andriampamaky Village. The objective of the Health Education Program is to teach students some basic health and hygiene rules which can help them avoid contracting different diseases. Dr Etienne Raminoelina and his wife, Dr Nadya Raminoelina are vital participants in this effort.

It is important to note that the vast majority of deaths in Madagascar result from food and water borne diseases.


The objective of the Careers Guidance program is to help the students understand the types of careers that are available and to help them learn how they can pursue them. People who have had or are currently involved in successful careers in various fields of works are used to speak to the students and pass on their knowledge, experience and encouragement.

  • Clean Water Supply Project 

Les Pecheurs Wate Supply Project

LPM has provided a clean drinkable water supply for the Andriampamaky Village.


The previous water supply for this Village was unfortunately contaminated.


This pure water is now being distributed to 21 points throughout the Village where the entire population can easily access it. This Project has completed in December 2018.

  • Sporting Complex Project

This project consists of seven different elements: a soccer field, a six lane athletics track, a stand for spectators, a combined change room and equipment storage facility, and a separate water supply.

We have also provided a full time Manager to care for the facility and to arrange and conduct sporting events at the venue.


The Official Launch of this Project was done in November 2018.

Les Pecheurs Sporting Complex Project
Les Pecheurs Sporting Complex Porject for Youth
  • Education Facility Project

In order to complete the Development Projects for the Andriampamaky Village, LPM is currently in the early stages of planning for a modern educational facility which will provide students with a high standard education and pathways into higher education.

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